ATSS Telecommunication Services


This document serves as the formal agreement between ATSS Telecommunication Services (“we” or “us”) and you.

1. Service Provision: ATSS Telecommunication Services offers wireless and fiber-to-the-home Internet connections with a minimum speed of 50% and a service reliability of 90%.

2. Installation Service Fee: Subscribers are required to agree to and settle the installation service fee of Php 1,000.00.

3. Payment Terms: The subscriber must settle/pay on or before the due date which will be determine based on the installation date. As a reminder, ahead of (7) days before the due date, you will receive a Statement of Account (SOA) stating of your account bill. If you can’t settle on the said due date, on the following day you will receive an Overdue Notice where you have (2) days to settle your bill. After consecutive days, on the 3rd day you will receive Disconnection Notice (subject for disconnection/termination) and on the 4th day you will be automatically DISCONNECTED.

4. Reconnection Fee: A reconnection fee of Php 100.00 will be charged for subscribers who have been disconnected.

5. Equipment and Devices: Network-enabling devices such as modem routers (FTTH Router ONU) and switches are not included in the payment. These must be surrendered at the end of the term. Disconnected subscribers must return equipment within one week, after which ATSS reserves the right to retrieve materials and peripherals.

6. Equipment Tampering: Subscribers are strictly prohibited from tampering with ATSS-issued equipment and services without prior consent. Non-compliance may result in service termination.

LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY: ATSS does not assume responsibility for any damages, viruses, or interruptions caused by accessing the website or downloading information. Continuous, uninterrupted, or secure access to the site or services is not guaranteed.

INDEMNITY: Subscribers agree to indemnify ATSS from liabilities, costs, and expenses related to violations of terms, third-party rights, or damages arising from user submissions.

PRIVACY: Subscribers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of account information. Data transmitted over the internet is subject to interception and alteration, as outlined in ATSS Privacy Policy.

EXCESSIVE USAGE: Subscribers must not exceed specified bandwidth limitations to protect ATSS network resources and maintain service availability for all subscribers.

TRANSFER OF ACCOUNT: Subscribers are not allowed to transfer or assign accounts without prior written consent. Relocation/transfer of service incurs a Php 500.00 service charge, and the account must have no past due balance.

ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE: For any queries or concerns, contact our customer service at 09453664172 / 09696392671 or visit our official pages for promotions and advisories at [email protected] (Site).